You can use Kubrio as a school replacement, to upgrade how you homeschool your children or even as an alterntive solution to provide care for and educational enhancement to your children.

Kubrio as School Replacement

Kubrio is not Accreditated. We believe accreditation and learning should be two separate things. If you want to use Kubrio to replace the industrial school completely, we recommend using an umbrella school like West River Academy. They can help you add the entire learning experience from Kubrio onto your child's transcripts. With West River Academy, your children can always go back to a industrial school, or get into a college or university. (Check with West River Academy for more details on how to prepare for college).

From Homeschooling Curriculum to World-Class Home Education

Homeschoolers can struggle to motivate themselves at home, especially if their curriculum involves too much busywork or doesn't work for them for other reasons. Our students grow to love learning thanks to peer support and world-class learning coaches.
No matter what is your preferred homeschooling method (unschooling, worldschooling, self-directed) you can use Kubrio to improve the learning experience for your children. If you want to get involved in your child education, we recommend using DIY pods, for your family or even for your local co-op, so you can completely personalize the learning process and still offer our world-class nanocourses, clubs or bootcamps and connect to a global community of forward-thinking families..

Supplemental Learning Experiences With Kubrio

You can use Kubrio to provide care for and educational enhancement to children in the hours immediately following other alternative school classes.
Most of the school curicullums are not designed to help students design foundational skills for the 21st century, like learning how to learn, think and create. Now, you can use Kubrio as an enhancment program, and prepare your children for the future.
You can completely personalize students’ access to Kubrio, from DIY pods to pods focused on academics, and you can enable or disable the SuperPowers Expansion Pack based on your child interest.

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