Empower Learners Around The World By Doing The Things You Love Most

The flexibility of our model gives edupreneurs and students the freedom to explore, learn freely, and pursue new ideas when inspiration strikes.

An Approach To Education For Life-Long Learners Committed To Growth

If you believe that each student has unique individual talents ready to be uncovered, are excited by the idea of remote work, and enjoy the freedom to teach what you love... then Kubrio could be your ideal education partner.
Use your expertise and passion to nurture your students’ talents to their highest potential. With your guidance, the next generation can do what they love, rather than just what they “have to do”.


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Self-Defined Success

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Scaffolded Support

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Real-World Applications

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Open-Walled Learning

Learn more about our philosophy and practice.

Become a Learning Coach

With Your Help, Kids Can Realize Their Potential
Having high-impact, mentoring relationships with your students is one the most rewarding parts about education.

By building trusting relationships, you'll help students reach their highest potential. Through ongoing conversations about goals and motivation, watch your students level up in learning and life. And enjoy the process, because it's fun and interest-led.

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Create On-Demand Courses

We 're building a world-class library of on-demand courses for our students.
We want concise, creative and engaging short courses. The course copyright will remain yours, we buy only the right to use it for up to 5 years. Exclusive or non-exclusive. Standard fees are starting at $500 for a 30 min long course, but we are open to negociate any new contract.
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