Kubrio Startup Accelerator
The Evolution of a Startup Founder

Every Season we select 10 startups from all our enrolled studens and work intensively with them for three months to help them refine their product and business model. Each season culminates in Seasonal Showcase, when the startups present their companies to our entire global network.

Deadline Applications Dec 15, 2022

The application process will end Dec 15, 2022, 12P PT. In order to apply you need to be enroled. All students, including the DIY pods can apply. We will interview most of the applicans and select maximum 10 startups. This program will be available 3 seasons a year, so no need to worry if you're not selected now. You can try next time.

Your Kids the Game Creators of Tomorrow

The best way to learn about entrepenerurship is trough what they love the most: games. This next season we will select 10 startups in the gaming space and will work with them to help them go to market with their idea. And these Nanos are the prerequisite to apply yo join. Remember, only 10 startups will be selected. And you need to be already enrolled in order to apply.

Start Your Own Business

You’re about to embark on a magical journey, on which you’ll find out how solving problems for individuals in a beautiful, and authentic manner is humanly heroic. How? Through starting your own business! And this also means making your own money.

Create Your Own Game

By playing and designing games you can be a creator, bring joy into the world, become a problem solver, and also learn life skills. You have the power over what you do with games. And this course is your initiation into the world of game design!

Write Your Film Script

This course will show you how to write scripts for film and TV! We’ll start by going through how to format a screenplay using industry standard software, before learning how to create amazing plots and characters. We’ll then end by exploring how you can improve your scripts, how to write in specific genre styles, and what to do once you have finished your first script!

Kubrio Global Awards

Give Your Kids a Global Stage

At the end of the season, all startups selected will pitch their product to our global audience. Everyone will be rewarded.

Weekly Office Hours

Every month, our mentors hold both group and one-on-one office hours. The topics that startups discuss during business hours vary depending on the stage of the company and their level of development.

Stacey, Kubrio Coach
Yho, Kubrio Coach
Kelly, Kubrio Coach
Charlie, Kubrio Coach
Vlad, Kubrio Coach
Aaron, Kubrio Coach
Kezia, Kubrio Coach
Sammy, Kubrio Coach
Svet, Kubrio Coach
Elia, Kubrio Coach
Mate, Kubrio Coach
Torsten, Kubrio Coach

If you're an enrolled parent willing to help and motivate
the next generation of makers and creator, contact us in the app.


Create and Play as a Family

We recommend to our parents to get involved too. They are the biggest supporters of their childs.

Participate to support your child's startup

Take your kids and create local quests to help other families discover the potential of your city. Use our guide to create small quests for students of all ages.

Mentor other kids

If you want to get involved more, you can even organize local events to help your kids connect with the local community.

Connect With a Other Parents Raising Entrepeneurs

Kubrio is a thoughtful and generous global community that allows you to connect with all the families inside the network. You and your kids can make friends all over the world when you sign up for Kubrio.
There’s always an opportunity to connect and be part of our global community.
parents community zoom call

Apply to Kubrio Accelerator
And learn what it means to become entrepreneur

We will select max 10 startups to join our accelerator program next Season. January-March 2023

  • If you are not enrolled, join Kubrio first.

    Fees Starting at $290/year. See Tuition

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