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🚀 We are looking for a teacher to start and lead this pod.
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Innovative Language Learning



Ages 10-14, 14-18

📝 Looking For Teachers

Earn between $6k to +$65k/year leading this pod! Learn More
Are you a passionate and experienced language teacher with a knack for integrating technology into your teaching methods? We're on the lookout for educators like you who understand the power of innovation in accelerating language learning for children. If you’ve successfully employed creative and tech-savvy strategies to ma...

📝 Why We Propose This Request

The process of language learning for children is constantly evolving. Our goal for the future of language learning for kids is to combine technology and creativity to make it more engaging and effective. We want your child to learn new languages quickly and confidently apply them in real-world situations. If you’re interest...

🎯 Learning Goals

  • Explore language learning creatively, amplified by the innovative use of technology!
  • Boost your child’s cognitive skills and broaden their horizons by immersing them in interactive and tech-enhanced language learning
  • Enhance your child's adaptability and empathy by exposing them to diverse cultures and languages.

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