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Ages 10-14, 14-18

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About Belinda

I am deeply passionate about working with kids, making math accessible and engaging through the integration of new technologies. Witnessing their 'aha' moments as complex concepts become clear is a joy.

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Learning Experiences for this Pod

Flipped Classroom

- Students can watch Khan Academy videos as homework, then come to the pod to discuss, ask questions, and work on problems collaboratively.

Interactive Sessions

- Use AI tools to create real-time quizzes or games that test students' understanding. This keeps the learning process lively and fun.
- We Host interactive whiteboard sessions where students can come up and solve problems under my guidance.

Group Projects & Collaborative Learning

- We split students into small groups and assign them math-related projects. They use Khan Academy for references and research.
- We Encourage students to teach a concept to their peers after they've mastered it. Peer teaching is very effective in solidifying knowledge.

Math Challenges & Competitions

- We organize monthly math challenges or puzzles. Reward winners with small prizes or recognition.

Real-World Application

- We discuss and show how math is applied in various industries and professions. This will help students see the relevance and importance of their learning.
- Occasionally we bring in guest speakers from different professions to discuss how they use math in their jobs.

Customized Learning Paths

- We use KAI to analyze each student's strengths and weaknesses. Create customized learning paths or recommend specific Khan Academy videos based on their needs.

Discussion & Reflection

- We dedicate a portion of the pod session to discussing challenges, breakthroughs, and personal experiences related to math learning. This helps in building a sense of community and understanding.

Math Journals

- We encourage students to keep math journals where they note down their learnings, questions, and reflections. They can share interesting entries with the pod.

Virtual Reality & Augmented Reality

- We use VR/AR tools to visualize complex math concepts. For instance, visualizing 3D geometric shapes or exploring fractals.

Feedback Loops

- We use AI to provide instant feedback on student assignments or quizzes. This helps in maintaining a continuous learning process.

Guest Tutorials

- Occasionally, we bring math experts or other educators to give specialized tutorials or share their knowledge and experience.

Physical Activity Breaks

- Integrate short breaks with physical activities like stretching or quick games to keep the energy up.

Math Stories & History

- Occasionally, we discuss the history of a mathematical concept or share stories about famous mathematicians. This adds context and depth to the subject.

Resource Pool

- Besides Khan Academy, we maintain a shared resource pool with books, articles, other online courses, or tools students can access. Encourage students to add to this pool.

Celebrate Achievements

- We celebrate when a student masters a tough concept or the pod achieves a collective milestone. This could be with certificates, badges, or small parties.

📝 Why We Recommend This Teacher

We’re absolutely delighted to propose Belinda for a new learning pod on math using Khan Academy! Belinda has been a gem in our Kubrio community for several years, bringing a fusion of warmth, dedication, and innovation to our team. Her enthusiasm for teaching kids math is nothing short of contagious.

📝 Why We Propose This Pod

Math with Khan Academy is where efficiency meets speed, offering tailored math lessons that adapt to each student’s pace. With interactive and engaging content, and the support from our learning coach your child will quickly and effectively grasp complex concepts, ensuring they’re not just keeping up but thriving. Using Kha...

🎯 Learning Goals

  • Learning math with Khan Academy empowers students to achieve mastery of complex concepts, boosting their confidence and preparing them for real-world applications and advanced studies with a solid foundational skillset.
  • Additionally, students develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills, fostering a lifelong love for learning and an inquisitive mindset that extends beyond the classroom.
  • Moreover, students experience enhanced academic performance, with noticeable improvements in grades and a deeper understanding of math, laying a robust foundation for future success in advanced courses and STEM fields.

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