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Javascript and Python with Sammy



Ages 10-14, 14-18

Sammy Nyakabau
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Sammy Nyakabau
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About Sammy Nyakabau

I'm a code wizard and tech builder, fueled by a passion for innovation and a dedication to nurturing the next generation of thinkers. My playground is the digital realm, where I turn lines of code into thrilling quests and tech exploration into child's play. For me, education is not just about imparting knowledge—it's about...

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Learning Experiences for this Pod

Interactive Coding Environment

- Students will explore programming fundamentals with interactive tools like JavaScript and Python, suitable for home learning or within our live sessions.
- Live pod sessions focus on code-alongs, peer programming, and real-time problem-solving, fostering a collaborative coding culture.

Personalized Code Projects

- We use Codecombat, one of the most innovative platform to learn Coding for kids, and each student will have a personalized learning experience.
- Interactive tasks encourage students to apply their coding skills, with the opportunity to showcase their projects in the pod.

Team Coding Challenges

- Students will work in teams to tackle coding challenges, building applications that solve real-life problems or creating fun interactive stories and games.
- Team presentations are a podium for students to articulate their development process, the logic behind their code, and the lessons learned.

Advanced Tech Integration

- Incorporating tools like GitHub for version control and collaboration, providing students with industry-standard skills.
- We introduce students to the basics of AI programming, enhancing their projects with smart features and algorithms.

Live Code Reviews

- Regular live sessions where students' code is reviewed by peers and me or my team, offering constructive feedback and fostering a growth mindset.
- These reviews encourage best practices and prepare students for professional coding environments.

Gamified Coding Quests

- Coding becomes an adventure with our quest-based learning, challenging students with missions that require coding logic to solve.
- Regular coding contests and hackathons incentivize learning, rewarding persistence, creativity, and problem-solving skills.

Expert Insights

- We invite software developers and tech entrepreneurs for guest talks, giving students a glimpse into the coding universe and emerging tech trends.
- Q&A sessions with these experts inspire students and provide mentorship opportunities.

Continuous Feedback Loop

- An open feedback system ensures that students have a voice in shaping the pod’s direction, with regular check-ins to personalize their learning paths.
- Adapting to the latest coding practices and student preferences, we evolve our curriculum to stay at the cutting edge.

📝 Why We Recommend This Teacher

We’re thrilled to welcome back Sammy to Kubrio! Known for turning code into play, Sammy's return has been eagerly awaited. Having dazzled Kubrio kids in the past with his tech magic and fun-fueled teaching, he’s a proven hit with our young learners. He’s not just a coding ninja; he’s a mentor who makes every byte of learnin...

📝 Why We Propose This Pod

Learning Python or JavaScript with Kubrio isn't just about writing lines; it's about opening doors to worlds we've yet to dream up. Coding is the language of tomorrow, expanding young horizons beyond the imaginable. Let's code, let's create, let's expand the universe for our kids!

🎯 Learning Goals

  • Coding isn't just cool—it's crucial. As tech careers skyrocket, starting your child early with Kubrio's Python or JavaScript Pod could set them on a path to success in a computer-driven future. It's more than learning; it's future-proofing their potential.
  • Your kids will be coding with Python and JavaScript as they play through a game from start to finish! With this captivating curriculum, they'll be racing to class, eager for each session. No nudges needed – that's my pledge!
  • I make sure each kid codes at their own speed. Your child will tackle challenges and cheer on victories, building confidence with every step in our supportive Pod learning environment. They'll learn to love coding, growing at the pace that's just right for them.

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