Connect Your Child with a World of Friends and Coaches

A global network is at your child’s fingertips. Students can create impactful connections with likeminded (and different) peers around the world as they become independent learners with the support of a caring coach.

Extra care and support
from the most passionate Learning Coaches

Our learning coaches encourage positive change and connect with your children on a deeper level. They will get to know your child’s many unique strengths boost their confidence and help them become independent learners.

Aaron, Kubrio Coach
Annie, Kubrio Coach
Carolyn, Kubrio Coach
Charlie, Kubrio Coach
Joanna, Kubrio Coach
Julie, Kubrio Coach
Keila, Kubrio Coach
Larry, Kubrio Coach
Linda, Kubrio Coach
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Marianne, Kubrio Coach
Oliver, Kubrio Coach
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Rachel, Kubrio Coach

Access All Our 40+ Nano Courses

Follow your intellectual curisioty with our world-class nano courses

Nanos are an opportunity to expose your child to unique topics you might have never thought about, alone or with their friends from the pods. They can become a minimalist, a comedian, a designer, or crypto trader overnight. The freedom to explore makes learning FUN and builds a foundation with engaging, on-demand video courses.

The way to help your kids become who they want to be, not who someone else thinks they should be

Has any of this crossed your mind?

"My children’s happiness and curiosity are fading and I can't sit back and watch"
“My home-educated teens are in a funk and are in need of inspiration"
“I want to learn how to educate my son at home with his own freedom to express himself"
“My almost-9 year old needs more stimulation than we can give her as just her parents"
..While facing the reality that your kids just aren't interested in the content you've been trying out?
There are only so many times you can buy a program hoping your kids will be completely engaged, to realize it’s the same approach with a shiny new brand name: teacher- or adult-led education.
Where did we lose sight of what they really want?

Small-group pods create global connections

A 7:1 ratio keeps coaching relationships personalized and facilitates endless learning opportunities.

A supportive space to share ideas

Students have the freedom to share what they’re really thinking with a supportive, close-knit group. Making friends is made easier with an open-minded and friendly community.

A time to practice healthy learning habits

Check-ins provide consistency and structure to your learner’s day. Wake up with friends, accountability, and the guided support of an adult who will help them achieve their goals.

An integrated social learning method

Learner-centered education puts students at the wheel of their own future. And sharing the journey with a global community makes it fun. Watch how it inspires new ideas, play and creativity.
coach with student on a online call

Connect with a global network of learners

The global network supports learners to create community and be together. Making friends is made easy within a welcoming pod that travels with you. Wherever you are now or may be on your next trip.
  1. ✓ Close-knit pod groups give students confidence to socialize
  2. ✓ Pods meet up in whole-school activities and events to expand their network
  3. ✓ Students have the chance to meet IRL at yearly events and workshops
coach with student on a online call

Missions make meetings meaningful

Learning but make it fun! Your child will team up with their peers to imagine, define, and execute projects that spark their interest

Missions are interest-based

Every mission inspires path for learning! This is your child’s chance to practice a new set of skills in a project-based environment.

Embark on a solo or team journey

The flexibility of missions allow your child to choose what feels good. Learning possibilities are endless and always supported by the coach.

Learn with support from the Pod

A close-knit community will support each learner on their missions, both within the group and personal.
Mission Cycle

Personalized coach connections

Meet and partner with passionate coaches, get feedback, and enjoy a well-rounded support system on your unique learning journey

Passionate coaches who care deeply

Learning coaches encourage positive change. When you meet your coach you enter a partnership that will uplift your child. Give them the gift of supportive, encouraging adult relationships where they can expand their mind and skills.
coach with student on a online call

Shared interests brings all of us closer

Connect on deeper level with people who just ‘get you’. Pods are grouped based on shared interests, ages, and a coach that can get to know your child’s many unique strengths.
coach with student on a online call

Scaffolded support to meet your child on their journey

Live out healthy learning habits

When students dive into LXPs, they get to put interests to practice and discover what a fun and engaging relationship with learning feels like. Healthy habits go hand in hand with the natural curiosity of the student.

Discover your own natural rhythm

Developing a healthy relationship with learning comes naturally, because it’s interest-based. The joys of a personalized education is seeing how it fits into their individual lifestyle as they develop and evolve.

Unlock learning road blocks

Learn how to approach new challenges in new environments. Every LXP gives students a chance to develop problem-solving, critical thinking, and creative skills they’ll carry for life.

Integrate mental models in many disciplines

Truly understanding how to learn means being able to apply it in practice across many areas. Students will be able to carry what they learn into each new experience or new interest that takes hold as they grow.


Stay connected and partner with your child’s coach in our education platform

Chat and video updates

Instantly connect with your coach through in-app chat and video messages on our platform.

Weekly learning summary

Regular in-app updates from your learning coach help you stay on top of learning progress.

Ongoing meetings and coach communication

Chatting and updating your calendar all in one place. Easily keep up with your child’s coach meetings and stay in the loop.
coach with student on a online call

Feel proud of your child’s learning profile

Access a visual guide of your child’s progress and direction. This central contact point creates a deep connection between parents, students, and the coach along this unique learning journey.
  1. ✔️ Check on goals they are setting and their progress towards independence
  2. ✔️ View past learning experiences and project outcomes
  3. ✔️ Explore learning experiences that are up next on the calendar
coach with student on a online call

An adult that knows your child almost as well as you do

Spending so much quality time with a child creates a unique bond that can’t be found anywhere and is unmatched in supporting their learning.

“My kids wanted to press pause on Kubrio and we were set to press pause at the end of this month……. until it actually came time to recognize that it’s almost the end of the month, and that today would be my daughter’s last check-in day with Jessica. This made Anna so sad. :( Then thinking that they’d have to miss All Arts Production Studio, which none of us realized goes until Dec 17, prompted an old-fashioned family meeting. They’ve decided that they don’t want to leave (Anna wouldn’t even let me use the word “leave” Kubrio.) :) The consensus is that we are going to bring our iPads to Mexico during our week there and make it work! Oh my. Never a dull moment in the unschooling journey :) ”
Maggie, Kubrio Parent
“Elin wanted to try Hackathon from the moment she heard about it. She wasn't able to attend the kick-off meeting, so she watched the recorded meeting. After she understood the goal, she was off and running. She would show me her progress throughout the week, but it was all her creation. I loved watching/seeing how she tackled a project like this. ”
Jennifer Bishop
Jennifer Bishop, Kubrio Parent

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