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Linda Wu
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Linda Wu
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📅 Daily recurring meetings (mon-thur)
🕐 30 minutes per session
🎥 Online meetings via videochat
🧑‍🏫 Two 1:1 monthly coaching sessions
7️⃣ Only 7 students per pod

📝 About Linda

Husband and wife team in the Asia timezone. We’ve been with Kubrio for two years, and have seen our little corner grow from just a few students to three full pods of incredible individuals. We’ve both spent the majority of our lives teaching in one way or another, be it in the classroom or out in nature. We believe the experiences we accumulate pave the way for our future’s to unfold which is why we encourage the members of our pods to explore as much of the world as they can at these early ages.

📆 Syllabus

In 2022, we explored the world of space, health and wellness, and marine mammals. Our pods co-created stories, escape rooms, and presentations THEY delivered to their peers and parents to demonstrate the knowledge and experience they acquired. So far this year (2023) we have tackled coin and card magic tricks, Hinduism, and we are now learning ASL (American Sign Language).

Why You Can Only Join A Single Pod

We have two types of learning experiences, superpowers and pods. Students can join as many clubs and bootcamps as they want, so they can explore and develop their interests.
Pods, however, are designed for deep learning. Explorer Pods aim to help your children discover their passions and interests, and the Academic, Maker & Polyglot Pods focus on their respective subject.
Why You Can Only Join A Single Pod

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Finding your passion is finding your superpower.
  • Unlimited access to all clubs, bootcamps and on-demand nanos.
  • Live sessions led by passionate learning experience designers.
  • Connections with a global network of learners.
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Our Vision For The School Of The Future

The school of the future should be a personalized, technology-enhanced learning environment that caters to the unique needs and strengths of each student.
It should feature flexibility, collaboration, and give access to a variety of learning experiences to support different learning styles.
We are designing it today.