The Best Resources to Understand the Future of Education With Kubrio

The idea that your child can be a self-directed learner might fall outside the realm of 'normal' education, but that is precisely what they were doing when they got lost in play. Your child was immersed in their own learning process, which allowed them to meet their own needs.

Family Lifestyle Redesign Conference (Oct-Dec, 2022)

Rethinking the Way We Live, Learn and Work.

Global Conference for Modern Active Families - Season 4 (Oct-Dec, 2022)

A different innovative format for a global conference.
24 Events, 50+ speakers, and thousands of reasons to get inspired.

InspirEd by Kubrio Podcast

Over the past three years, we have conducted many interviews with education experts from all around the world to understand how to create the best school possible for your kids. We decided to share it publicly so that everyone could access this excellent information and comprehend what would come next for the future of education.

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Podcast with Michael Saylor Podcast with Peter Gray Podcast with Peggy Webb Podcast with Sir Ken Robinson

Online Learning Resources for Your Children

To accelerate your children's learning, we curate a few hundred tools.


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