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A Global Network of Local Learning Experiences

Make the city your classrom with Kubrio. Join us to design together the most cutting edge hybrid learning network in the world.

Empower Children To Learn Anything, Anywhere

Change education anywhere in the world one neighbourhood at a time.

Help your kids connect in real life

The best way to help your children connect in real life is to have excellent learning experiences. Then, your kid can meet exceptional children and collaborate with them.


Put any city on the global map of innovative learning

Whether you’re traveling the world and want to give something back to the local community or this is your city, you now have the chance to discover and enable makers' talents worldwide.


Connect with other forward-thinking families

Launching a Local Hub with Kubrio can give you access to the most forward-thinking families from our community and our global network of families willing to travel and visit your city.


The Cutting Edge Hybrid Learning Platform To Power Your Neighbourhood

Host World Class Learning Experiences From Day One

Network-based, In-Person Learning Experience designed to empower children worldwide to become the makers and creators of tomorrow. Use our world-class nanos to create amazing learning experiences in your neighbourhood.

Connect The Most Forward-Thinking Families In Your Neighbourhood

The leap into a self-directed lifestyle can feel daunting, exciting, uncertain, and BIG... so you are here to support them, wherever they are in this journey. And we are here to support you.

Join our waiting list, and be the first one to know when we launch.

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