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Next Cohort: January to March 2023

Kubrio’s enrolled students have an incredible opportunity in 2023 to catapult their ideas and innovations into real markets using leading-edge startup methods, paired with dedicated business founder mentoring.

In this exclusive three-month long program, your child will receive all the support, know-how and inspiration they need to take shape up their product concept, and get it launched.

The Theme: “Create A Game”

Each quarterly Startup Accelerator cohort has a theme. For Q1 2023, the theme is “Gaming”. To be considered for this round, your business concept will need to create any type of game and launch it. It can be a digital game, a paper game, or any type of game you have in mind.

Recommended Preparation

Kubrio’s on-call team of seasoned business builders, who will be mentoring our students, have hand-picked this collection of mini “masterclasses” from our existing range of Nano Courses for the coming cohort. It’s important that students take the time to complete these courses before applying to increase their chances of being selected, and to get full value from the Accelerator

Start Your Own Business

You’re about to embark on a magical journey, on which you’ll find out how solving problems for individuals in a beautiful, and authentic manner is humanly heroic. How? Through starting your own business! And this also means making your own money.

Introduction to Game Design

By playing and designing games you can be a creator, bring joy into the world, become a problem solver, and also learn life skills. You have the power over what you do with games. And this course is your initiation into the world of game design!

Building Your Own Roblox Game

This course will allow the learner to explore the basics of Roblox Studio, create an obstacle game and share it with the world.

Creativity with Coding

Curious about coding? So take this course to learn how to code games, stories, art, animations, music, and so much more! All you need is your imagination and the Scratch website to keep yourself entertained while learning some valuable coding skills.

Introduction to Blender

In this Nanocourse I give an introductory look at the Blender user interface as well as the core functions needed to navigate the software.

How to make a business pitch

Did you know that speaking in public is one of the biggest human fears? But have no worries, it’s completely trainable and this nano will help you do so. In it, you'll gain the knowledge and confidence to present your business, and ideas in general.

Adobe Animate the Basics

This Nano includes a thorough review of the Adobe Animate interface including how to use tools and panels, and how to customize and save workspaces. You will also gain an understanding of authoring and output file types.

The Economics of Gaming

This course covers 8 core microeconomic concepts by highlighting the similarities between online video game economies and the real world economy. Students are encouraged to draw on their experience in virtual economies to help simplify microeconomic theory. Lessons are split into “quests”, and typically conclude with ‘side quests’ which challenge students to apply the new theory.

Kubrio Global Awards

Give Your Kids a Global Stage

At the end of the season, all startups selected will pitch their product to our global audience. Everyone will be rewarded.

How it Works

Successful applicants will have the opportunity to participate in the following which will take between 2 and 6 hours per week. In order to apply you need to be enroled. All students, including the DIY pods can apply.
  • Apply before December 15, 2022
  • Kick-Off meeting January (See space in the app)
  • Weekly Mentor Office Hours
  • Weekly Progress Check-ins
  • Ad-hoc Game Industry Experts Interviews
  • Prep for shocase/global awards
  • Global Awards / Launch Time

Weekly Extra Office Hours

Every month, our mentors hold both group and one-on-one office hours. The topics that startups discuss during business hours vary depending on the stage of their game and their level of development.

Stacey, Kubrio Coach


Yho, Kubrio Coach


Kelly, Kubrio Coach


Sammy, Kubrio Coach


Vlad, Kubrio Coach


Svet, Kubrio Coach


Mate, Kubrio Coach


Elia, Kubrio Coach


If you're an enrolled parent willing to help and motivate
the next generation of makers and creator, contact us in the app.


Frequently Asked Questions

Can a single person apply?

Yes, we will accept solo founders. However, in our experience, solo ventures are very tough, and you're more likely to succeed - a have a better time - with at least one partner.

I have a great idea for a game, but I‘m not technical. Will you still accept me?

For this Accelerator, we feel it’s important to have the skills to build a game, rather than outsourcing it. If you can’t do it personally, you’ll need partners to help you build it.

Do you only accept software games?

No, we'll consider any type of game.

My game is almost live, can I still apply?

Sure, you will get a lot of value from our mentors.

Can I apply if I'm not enrolled in Kubrio?

No, you need to be enrolled. All students (including our new DIY pods, starting at only $290/year) can apply. However, there is no guarantee you will be accepted to the Accelerator. We consider each application individually, based on suitability and readiness.

What if I'm not accepted?

We suggest finishing all the recommended Nano Courses for this cohort, and if you have the Kubrio Superpowers tuition package enabled, you’ll be able to access all the Kubrio Clubs and Bootcamps in our upcoming “Press Play” season, running from January to March 2023 - with lots of gaming-related content for you to discover.

This theme is not my thing can I apply later?

Yes, every season will have a different theme, so stay tuned for what’s next.

What happens if I got rejected?

In life things are hard some times. But you will always have other options. If you are rejected, you can try to convince another team who got accepted to hire you, or you can try again next time.

What is the time commitment for this accelerator?

We expect you’ll be spending as little as a few hours a week to a whole lot more, depending on your type of venture, and your level of commitment and involvement. The main goal is for you to take every opportunity available to maximize your chance of a successful product launch.

How do you choose which game to accept?

We carefully evaluate every application, and if we think we can help you launch a viable product, you’re in!

Parent Connection & Involvement

Our parents really help to give Kubrio an edge: they’re switched-on, forward-thinking and generous with their time, energy and expertise.

This Accelerator is designed to be fun and rewarding for everyone on the team - and a great way to get to know even more like-minded families around the world.
parents community zoom call

Apply to Kubrio Accelerator
The deadline for applications is December 15th 2022.

Support your child to experience life as an entrepreneur in the world of gaming by submitting an application to join our next cohort, running January to March 2023.

  • If you are not enrolled, join Kubrio first.

    Fees Starting at $290/year. See Tuition

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