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Foundational Skills Every Child Should Know

To become future makers students must expand their world to engage in the unknown. Learning isn’t linear. Instead it’s rooted in experiential, interest-based methods. A variety of learning experiences support your child in building foundational meta-skills they’ll carry for life.

It's all about inspiration

Our most inspiring learning experience designers focus on why and how, not what. Our goal is to spark each student’s imagination, to find a hook in their heart and mind so that they feel a need to learn and explore the subject.

Aaron, Kubrio Coach
Corina, Kubrio Coach
Elana, Kubrio Coach
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Learn how to learn

Becoming a lifelong learner is how your child will continue to thrive and adapt no matter what life throws their way.

Full-stack support

You and your child’s coach partner to provide a highly personalized learning experience. And as your student becomes more independent, watch the scaffolding fall away and discover a more autonomous learner.

Project tracking and goal setting

Coaches partner with your child to build a personalized learning journey. The key is to find a balance between what flows and where the coach can nudge them to persistently progress.

Discovering new topics

The close relationship between coach and student creates a safe space to dive into new experiences. An adult that knows your child so well will make spot-on recommendations based on their personal needs and interests.

Boosting confidence in oneself

As your child grows, they gain independence and discover their confidence. Each coach will adapt to their needs and encourage healthy social learning opportunities along the way.


Learn how to think <deeply>

Mentors and peers will challenge each other to think in meaningful ways and approach projects from many angles

Consider the project

Project-based LXPs give students the chance to think deeply about their work and how to approach each new challenge.

Think of others

Working with others in a social learning environment is essential for students to build empathy, trust, and collaboration skills.

Reflect on yourself

In solo-learning spaces students have the chance to reflect on their own progress and goals with adult guidance.
child studying coding

Learn how to create

Bootcamps and Clubs are an inspiring environment for your child to expand their creativity and co-create with others.

“I have seen Joshua really thrive. He loves his school and I never have to remind him to join the class. It really makes him hungry for more knowledge and creativity. ”
Sonja, Kubrio Parent
“Mason was so excited to win the Jolly Junior Award! He absolutely loved participating in the Hackathon, and it was such a fun and wonderful experience for him. Both Mason and I really loved the chosen UN SDG theme! He hadn't been exposed to the 17 Sustainable Development Goals in the past, which is so important, so it was amazing to see his curiosity as he dove into researching the Sustainable Development Goals to choose the specific goal he wanted to focus his game on. ”
Shari, Kubrio Parent

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