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Give Your Child Access To a Global Network

You want to empower your kids now and prepare them for the future. Watch it happen when you trust their natural instinct to learn and our passionate educators to uplift them. Only with Kubrio.
“The onboarding was great. It was an amazing process that was full of this mutual excitement about getting started with something. There was a message from Amy, you know, checking in, “how was it on the very first day”, same with Oliver. Oliver left these video messages, which are great. It's a fun way of communicating. We can chat with them once a week, and we've never had that before! When the kids were going through bricks and mortar schools we didn't have that kind of access to enthusiastic support. ”
Micala Duvoux
Micala Duvoux, Kubrio Parent

Kubrio Pod Network


or $2400/yr, save $480

    Help your child boost their confidence, become an independent learner, develop healthy learning habits, and make friends worldwide.
    ✔️ 2x Monthly 1:1 Private Coaching (25 min each)
    ✔️ Daily Pod Check-ins (30 min each)
    ✔️ Access 40+ Nanocourses
    ✔️ Access to Game Playground
    ✔️ Monthly Video Updates
    ✔️ Kubrio Missions Enabled


$0/ Month

Pay Yearly

Superpowers Pack

Requires Pod Network Subscription


or $1900/year, save $380

    Help your child develop meta-skills like learning how to learn, think and create.
    Our LIVE Clubs and Bootcamps are available in 3 time zones, making it accessible from every location.

    ✔️ Access to 18 Monthly Clubs
    ✔️ Access to 3 Monthly Bootcamps


⚠️ Coming Soon

Requires Pod Network Subscription


Price may change at launch

    Develop academic knowledge in a student-led way.
    Math, English, and Science to prepare for college or exams.

    ✔️ West River Academy Enrollment Recommended for Industrial School Replacement

1:1 Tutoring

⚠️ Coming Soon

Requires Pod Network Subscription


4 sessions of 25 min each

    ✔️ Add extra power for the most important topics for your kids

The future of education starts with a forward-thinking community

Redesign your families lifestyle, enroll your child in world-class education, access curated educational resources, and connect with forward-thinking families worldwide.
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