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What families, students and educators are saying about Kubrio

“Kubrio allows us to choose the right path for each child and allows families the ability to choose how, when, and where, and who is best equipped to teach their own kids. We've got to put the families in charge of the families, it's definitely a step that needs to be taken. ”
Daniel Prince
Daniel Prince, Kubrio Parent

“Took my eldest out of mainstream school to attend @kubrioxp. Probably one of the smartest things I’ve done as a parent. ”
John Tan
John Tan, Kubrio Parent

“Imagine a world with more people like you all with this passion and commitment for the next generation. ”
Carley Peck
Carley Peck, Event Attendee

“At Kubrio you get to meet people from all around the world, it's like traveling the world without leaving Taiwan. ”
Ella, Kubrio Student

“Elin wanted to try Hackathon from the moment she heard about it. She wasn't able to attend the kick-off meeting, so she watched the recorded meeting. After she understood the goal, she was off and running. She would show me her progress throughout the week, but it was all her creation. I loved watching/seeing how she tackled a project like this. ”
Jennifer Bishop
Jennifer Bishop, Kubrio Parent

“I have seen Joshua really thrive. He loves his school and I never have to remind him to join the class. It really makes him hungry for more knowledge and creativity. ”
Sonja, Kubrio Parent

“Mason was so excited to win the Jolly Junior Award! He absolutely loved participating in the Hackathon, and it was such a fun and wonderful experience for him. Both Mason and I really loved the chosen UN SDG theme! He hadn't been exposed to the 17 Sustainable Development Goals in the past, which is so important, so it was amazing to see his curiosity as he dove into researching the Sustainable Development Goals to choose the specific goal he wanted to focus his game on. ”
Shari, Kubrio Parent

“I think the pressure in the sense of taking her work seriously is sometimes good and I am 100% sure in Kubrio she would get the right kind of pressure/commitment. Thank you so much. ”
Andreea, Kubrio Parent

“I stopped worrying about his learning. He was learning plenty. We started exploring online classes, and he began to enjoy coding, improv, maths, science and a whole host of fun, engaging classes where he was interacting with other children, and learning things he was interested in. ”
Esther, Kubrio Parent

“Feels like a big step at the time and only with hindset you realize its a small step, but you can say you tried it without harm being done. ”
Nathan Day
Nathan Day, Kubrio Parent

“My kids wanted to press pause on Kubrio and we were set to press pause at the end of this month……. until it actually came time to recognize that it’s almost the end of the month, and that today would be my daughter’s last check-in day with Jessica. This made Anna so sad. :( Then thinking that they’d have to miss All Arts Production Studio, which none of us realized goes until Dec 17, prompted an old-fashioned family meeting. They’ve decided that they don’t want to leave (Anna wouldn’t even let me use the word “leave” Kubrio.) :) The consensus is that we are going to bring our iPads to Mexico during our week there and make it work! Oh my. Never a dull moment in the unschooling journey :) ”
Maggie, Kubrio Parent

“When we decided to homeschool our both sons, I knew that we cannot do it in a traditional way and also that we cannot do it by ourselves. Kubrio was our support all along this journey, It opened for us different doors that we didn’t think about before. My boys feel at home now with Kubrio’s community with both adults and children. ”
Kaoutar, Kubrio Parent

“Kubrio is the foundation that allowed the us to go ‘big picture’ in supporting our kids to become independant. ”
Ken, Kubrio Parent

“I like Agora! it helps me with my week day school. & to meet new friends. ”
Caroline, Kubrio Student