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Worldschool For A Life Of Freedom & Adventure

Leap: travel the world and give your children a world-class education, all while immersing yourselves in local culture.
Start worldschooling with Kubrio.

“We were planning to travel, so we needed a school that could travel with us without having to carry tons of books around. My son is growing and learning a lot of skills and loves the new offerings every month. ”
Jen, Kubrio Parent

“We are always living and working in different countries. It's a big part of my values to learn from different cultures and I'm trying to share that with my girls. I like that Kubrio students are from very different backgrounds, all integrating in the school. ”
Andreea, Kubrio Parent

Personalized Worldschooling Curricullum For Your Children

Join our small and intimate learning pods, led by passionate educators, to dive deeply into whatever topic your children want to explore.
Pods will help students create long term connections with their coach and peers, and help them become independent learners, by building healthy learning habits.
And there's many more pods to choose from...




There's always a club or bootcamp to attend

Our students can attend any of the available session, in any timezone they choose.

Online Friends are Real Friends

Our pods are designed to create meaningful and durable friendships between our students. So when you travel, your kids will have their friends with them anywhere they go.
Online Friends are Real Friends

Join Local Communities and Make Friends IRL

With Kubrio, you have friends almost everywhere you go. When you visit a new city, just check the other families in that city and instantly connect in real life.
You'll no longer have worry how your kids will socialize and how to connect with the local communities when you travel.
Join Local Communities and Make Friends IRL

Worldschooling With Kubrio Is Perfect If...

  • Your family doesn’t want to be tied down to one place, without the freedom to move.
  • You believe your child should be able to choose their own learning experiences.
  • You want to see your child gain skills they can use in the future, whatever it may bring.
  • You believe entrepreneurial and creative skills are worth nurturing in your child.
  • The experience of traditional school doesn’t feel quite right to you or your kids.
  • Online learning is convenient for you and you want your children to be global citizens.
  • You want to see your kids become independent thinkers and lifelong learners.
  • You want university to be an option for your kids, even if they choose an alternative.

Every City Is Now Your Classroom

With our city hubs you can discover new places like never before.
You can establish local connections while travelling with your family by meeting other Kubrio families, to create life-long friendships.
Every City Is Now Your Classroom

Travel & Completely Immerse Yourself In Local Cultures

Your family can plan a worldschooling experience like no other.
Enroll in Kubrio's world-class online learning program and community while traveling abroad. Immerse yourself in new cultures, visit our city hubs, and watch your child take ownership of their learning.
Travel & Completely Immerse Yourself In Local Cultures

Meet & Greet Worldschoolers From All Over The World

Connect with other worldschooling families who are interested in learning by travelling the world and combining experimental learning and cultural exchanges, with world-class education from Kubrio.
Meet & Greet Worldschoolers From All Over The World

Connect With A Global Network Of Forward-Thinking Families

Kubrio is a thoughtful and generous global community that allows you to connect with people from accross the globe. You and your kids can make friends all over the world when you sign up for Kubrio.
There’s always an opportunity to connect and be part of our global community.
Connect With A Global Network Of Forward-Thinking Families

Worldschooling With Kubrio Demo

96% of our newly enrolled families said our demo helped them better understand how Kubrio can help.
Worldschooling With Kubrio Demo

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