School Redesigned as a Global Network of Future Makers and Creators

A community of forward-thinking parents and passionate edupreneurs paves a positive future for learner-centered education. Give your child meaningful learning experiences and friends worldwide when you join the network that shares your values.

Now enrolling students ages 8-18

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Imagine a world where ‘school’ is a network, not a building. Where connection and learning are one in the same.

Coach-led pods are the mini learning communities where your child will develop the skills to become a confident, resilient, self-made learner.


Past 100 Years


Next 100 Years


Connect and collab with friends in your Pod

Small-group, daily check-ins are at the core of this learner-centered approach. By meeting in their pods students can present their ideas in a safe space, learn together, and make friends across the world.
  1. ✔️ Boosting confidence builds their autonomy through healthy learning habits
  2. ✔️ Diving into social learning creates deep and lasting friendships
  3. ✔️ Sharing their discoveries integrates knowledge in a memorable way
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Change your child’s life with connected coaching

Mentorship is made meaningful with a personalized, 1 on 1 coach-student pairing. It takes a village to raise a child, so we encourage the coach, parent and student to partner in a scaffolded learning journey.

Outside of the check-ins, the student will meet with the coach 1 on 1 twice a month. They will provide weekly feedback on your child’s progress and make recommendations based on their personal profile.

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Deepen cultural connections with the world

Global citizenship is one of the most valuable skills to adopt in our modern world. When your child meets new friends from around the globe, they will gain awareness and live out core values like empathy, consideration, and respect.

Students will be placed in pods according to their daily schedule and time zone. We currently schedule in three general regions: AMER, EU/AFR, and OCEANIA/ASIA.

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Finally, a student network that covers all the bases: social learning, mentorship, and meta-skills.


A modern, integrated learning method develops the ‘maker mindset’

Learners can stretch their legs and collaborate with other makers in a variety of learning experiences. They’ll get ahead by developing essential skills like: learning how to learn, how to think, and how to plan for the future. And use these skills for life.

A space to create with friends

Students use Bootcamps, Clubs, and Check-Ins to share their latest inspiration.
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Filmmaking Learning Experience

Featured LXP Rewind

The world is full of stories. Making a film is like storytelling. Do you enjoy telling stories, working with camera equipment and learning about film editing? Then this course is for you. And at the end of it, you would have created your own movie!

Foundational skills redesigned for a modern world

Learning experiences are where your child will gain confidence in their interests, connect with friends, and build new projects together.

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Learn how to learn

Curiosity comes naturally. And with the right support, your child will learn how to dive into their interests effectively.

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Learn how to think

Problem solving is essential. Children that learn to think wisely and critically will be ready for tomorrow’s new challenges.

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Learn how to create

Creativity is boundless. Learning how to access their inner creator will open your child’s mind to investigate what is possible.


The forward-thinking community that shares your philosophy of education

Finally, a sense of belonging

Meet the global community in your corner. The families you’ll connect with have a range of experiences with alternative schooling. Join the conversation and get support on your journey.
  1. ✔️ Chat and connect with parents who share your values and philosophy of life
  2. ✔️ Get access to free courses and resources to better support your child’s learning
  3. ✔️ Provide or receive guidance on your alternative education journey
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Coming Soon - Reconnect in-person

Local Dojos will give your family a chance to connect with the greater community IRL. We are developing opportunities to attend workshops, host them, and give your child the opportunity to meet their friends in person.
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“Kubrio allows us to choose the right path for each child and allows families the ability to choose how, when, and where, and who is best equipped to teach their own kids. We've got to put the families in charge of the families, it's definitely a step that needs to be taken. ”
Daniel Prince
Daniel Prince, Kubrio Parent
“Took my eldest out of mainstream school to attend @kubrioxp. Probably one of the smartest things I’ve done as a parent. ”
John Tan
John Tan, Kubrio Parent
“Imagine a world with more people like you all with this passion and commitment for the next generation. ”
Carley Peck
Carley Peck, Event Attendee
“At Kubrio you get to meet people from all around the world, it’s like traveling the world without leaving Taiwan. ”
Ella, Kubrio Student

Join Our Next Open Days Event

Our open days provide you the chance to learn more about student life at Kubrio and what makes us unique. Ask any questions you may have during a live Q&A session with our onboarding specialists.
Open Days

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