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Calling All Future Innovators, Makers And Creators

Offer your kids unlimited access to our clubs, bootcamps, and nanocourses to help them find their superpowers, and then dive deeper into their preferred topics with our teacher-led, peer-driven pods.
And most importantly, a place where they can make friends worldwide.
Empowering students ages 8-18.

Unlimited Access To All Our Clubs, Bootcamps, And Nanos

Where kids aged 8-18 design their own curriculum of compelling, engaging and energizing learning experiences. Discover 18+ weekly live clubs, 3+ weekly live bootcamps, and 50+ on-demand nano courses, designed to help your children find their superpowers, and get ready them to become future makers and creators.
And there's 50+ more superpowers to choose from...

Deeper Learning With Our Teacher-Led, Peer-Driven Pods

Join our small and intimate learning pods, led by passionate educators, to dive deeply into whatever topic your children want to explore. Pods will help students become independent learners, build healthy learning habits and learn how to stay accountable.
And there's many more pods to choose from...

Our Vision For The School Of The Future

The school of the future should be a personalized, technology-enhanced learning environment that caters to the unique needs and strengths of each student.
It should feature flexibility, collaboration, and give access to a variety of learning experiences to support different learning styles.
We are designing it today.

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