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10 Minute Screen Breaks for 1 Week


💪 1/5

🕓 60 Mins.

📚 Your Challange

Regularly taking time away from screens is important for both physical & mental well-being. To keep your mind & body healthy, try to take 10 minute breaks from screens every day for a whole week! Make a checklist to do at least one break per day for a week... Oh and make sure to do something fun & active during these breaks as a way to move your body and re-energize.

🎯 Objectives

  • Take 10 minute breaks from screens for one week
  • Do something active & fun during each break, such as jumping around, going for a walk, or having a dance or stretch
  • Share a photo of you taking a break and of your completed checklist to the quests platform

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Our Innovative Quest-Based Learning

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“I stopped worrying about his learning. He was learning plenty. We started exploring online classes, and he began to enjoy coding, improv, maths, science and a whole host of fun, engaging classes where he was interacting with other children, and learning things he was interested in. ”
Esther, Kubrio Parent