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Inspire A New Generation Of Makers And Creators

Teach on Kubrio and share your passion with students around the world. Create life-changing learning experiences and get paid on your own terms.
Join us in shaping the future of education; let's make learning more creative, more fun, more efficient and more engaging than ever before!

Have You Ever Considered Launching Your Own Microschool?

Our Learning Pods are essentially a more flexible and highly specialized version of a Microschool, focusing on one specific skills.
Read more about our vision for the school of the future
Our students can either join only your pod and experience Kubrio as an after-school learning platform or enroll in multiple pods and experience Kubrio as a full school alternative, crafting a fully personalized learning experience.

Why Launching a Pod with Kubrio

Inspire A New Generation Of Future Makers And Creators

Encourage and motivate the upcoming generation to explore their creativity and innovation by engaging in hands-on innovative learning activities.

Become the best teacher you can be

With us you will allways have access to the most innovative learning styles and you will always be able to use our advanced tech deliver innovative and engaging learning experiences.

Join your tribe of innovtive teachers

Kubrio is all about changing education. Our teachers are here because they want to see a change in the world. So, you won’t have to do it alone in this journey.

Make Your Own Schedule

Craft your schedule your way, ensuring a work-life balance while maximizing your impact on students' lives!

Earn Money Doing What You Love the Most

You can earn between 60% to 90% of the revenue generated using one of the most innovative learning platforms for teachers worldwide.

Say Good Bye to Paperwork

We focus on solving all your admin and time consuming tasks so you can focus on what you love the most.

What Does Kubrio Offer Teachers

We offer a platform for teachers to organize, promote, and launch new learning pods.
This includes:
  • A Fantastic online listing for your Pod
  • AI powered tools to create world-class learning experiences
  • Create and deliver innovative and engaging format of your LXPs
  • Kai (Our AI) support to manage your Pod
  • Secure Online Payments
  • Access to Our Teacher Academy to allways innovate and improve your LXPs
  • A Complete Analytics Dashboard to Manage your Pod (soon)
  • Connect with other visionary educators from around the world
  • Access to our global network of learners
We will continue to innovate and improve the platform to simplify the logistics so you can focus on crafting the pod experience.

Start Your Learning Pod Today

Our AI teaching assistant Kai, combined with the Kubrio Platform and Quest-Based Learning, can revolutionize your approach to education, delivering unparalleled learning experiences.
Apply To Teach
Submit your application. We will notify you once you're approved, typically within 2 weeks.
Test Your Pod in Launchpad
Draft your first Pod, explain why students should join your pod, and what are the learning outcomes. Share this with the world, we will share it with our audience.
Launch Your Pod
If min requirments met, you can launch your Pod. Now you can invite students to join your pod. When you start creating content, Kai will learn about your pod and will start recommending your pod to our families.
Create Learning Content
Create Quests, Nanos, Bootcamps or Office Hours to help your students learn using the most innovative learning experiences. Kai will help you create and improve these learning experiences.
Start Earning
Choose the fee you want to charge for your pod and organize live classes for your students. You can earn 60-90% from the tuition fee.
Increase Your Share
By default, you start with 60% of the total revenue generated by your students.Soon you will be able to increase the revenue to up to 90%. We will get back with more details soon.
Go big with your Pod
If you have too many students in your learning pod, and you can't manage it alone you can hire or partner with others to help you run more significant numbers and generate more revenue.
Ready To Get Started?

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Can I teach if I am from outside the US?

Do you offer any resources for teachers?

How do I publish a bootcamp?

How do I create Learning Content?

Why does Kubrio uses Quest-Based Learning?

How much can I earn?

Do I need to promote my pod?