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Our School Is Evolving

Our children need more than just learning about math, English, and science; they crave to know how to learn, think, and create. And more than anything else, they need a global network of ingenious learners.

An Intro To Our Mission

When we started Galileo in 2019, we had one purpose: to create the best school in the world. So we began to redesign everything from the first principles.
At that time, it was still hard to visualize the “school of the future.” Most people thought it was about curriculum, tests, and high academic scores. Others thought a school was still a place, a building where children could get together.
The more we researched, tested, and experimented, the more we realized the future school would look nothing like the industrial school model.
Over the past two years at Galileo, we have discovered that the best parts of the school were not the classes. Instead, the community, the connections, and the natural education that happens through discovery and exploration.

Why Rebrand Now?

As a school that always embraces change, we’re excited to share the details of what we are changing for you!
When we started, we introduced clubs, bootcamps, pods, and studios to replace the standard classes. And it took a while for us to understand the most critical building block in this design.
Finally, after testing tons of assumptions, interviewing our parents, and analyzing students’ behaviors, we realized that our pods are at the core of everything we do.
Today we see the school as a global network of pods connected through world-class learning experiences.
And this is probably the first time in human history when we can imagine a school as a network and not as a building.
A global network of pods where our students should learn how to learn, think, and create. We should help them find meaning, follow their intellectual curiosity, and make friends for life.
Imagine 20 years from now, when this new generation of students will become young adults. They will become global citizens, independent, lifelong learners, and tomorrow’s creators and makers.
We are here because we believe this new generation of makers and creators with this kind of life view will create a better world for everyone.
So with this vision and with this new idea about what the school should be like, we decided we needed a better name to describe everything.

Galileo XP Is Now Kubrio

Kubrio is a superior construction from the root brio. In Latin, brio originally means your inner voice and enthusiastic vigor. In music, artists use “con brio” when they want to perform with passion and high intensity.

K = Knowledge

Knowledge + brio = Kubrio

But we want to evolve even more, and we decided to design our new form of pedagogy based on the foundation of SDE and all other innovative methods before us, like: Montessori, Agile Learning, Waldorf, Charlotte Mason, or other principles developed by thinkers and educators like Gatto, John Holt or Sir Ken Robinson. Therefore, we are happy to announce our new Kubrio Method: Learner-driven education for everyone.
We are developing The Kubrio Method because intentionality is what drives successful contextualized learning. Through intentionally chosen missions, learners will have the opportunity to explore their interests while discovering what they bring to the community. As learners become more familiar with the mission framework and experience success, they will level up the Kubrio Milestones of Autonomy.
This way we can support kids in building the skills needed to succeed in real-life learning.

What’s Next?

While our website and visual identity are evolving, we’re proud to have a more cohesive messaging that speaks true to who we are and the values we stand for.
With our rebrand, we’re shifting the spotlight toward a global network of pods where students will become autonomous learners and learn how to learn, think and create.
We’re taking self-directed education to the next level, helping students be more intentional about their learning choices and helping them use high tech to help them accelerate their learning process.
And we’re looking forward to exploring it with you soon.

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